Next Steps: what 2018-19 holds…


Telemachus Plan

The next steps that the Foundation intends to reach for 2018 and 2019 will be:

  • Completion of the document and publication of Digital Law (Digital Right in the World Wide Web).
  • Translation of the website in French.
  • Organise MeetUp group in London to present and promote the Foundation’s project and goals.
  • Start a large-scale promotion and dissemination campaign for the Foundation’s goals.
  • Organize information courses on the risks to our privacy in the WEB, in the use of the most widely used applications and programs, with a description of the problem’s solutions.
  • Publish a new page on the Foundation’s website where the current terms and conditions of the main services offered by the major players in the digital sector will be exhibited, exposing contractual lack of respect for human rights protection. By providing a specific analysis of the inadequacies and incompleteness of the user regarding the user’s rights. Identify and show implications for any personal items export for commercial purposes of human elements in the digital and genetic data trades.

Once these goals are achieved Reconquest Foundation will be ready to present the Pankration Plan.

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