“Mater artium necessitas”
“Necessity is the mother of invention”
– William Horman –

The existence of the Foundation is necessary to regain the dignity and the right of the human being to their own privacy as an instinctive instinct of survival.
Fighting any form of technological abuse that weakens or degrades the rights and principles sanctioned, conquered and built over time by human civilization.
Prevent technocratic machines and power groups from restricting, hindering, and affecting the freedom of every individual.


Through this portal, the Reconquest Foundation seeks to explicitly expose all issues related to human rights in the digital domain.
Highlight undervalued aspects and produce reflections and solutions on the topics discussed.
Show the less known and hidden sides of these tools, and increase the surveillance of users who rely on these new digital spaces.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The subjects in question vary from law, computer science, social psychology and sociology, ranging from statuary standards to international law, to network engineering and operating systems, including all existing distribution license rules.
These arguments, though so different and far-off as assumptions, are in fact the complex and titanic invisible structure that allows us individuals as people and citizens when we relate as users, consumers and users of the web to continually use everything the digital world offers.
Enclosed in a simple gesture such as activating an App, with a finger on a Smartphone screen, to read mail, news, or write a chat with a friendly person.


It is indispensable to balance the current situation that is disproportionate to the disadvantage of individuals.
The aim is to counteract abuse, illicit, and coercion in the management of personal data in the digital environment through the definition and determination of new protection tools in order to increase awareness of the use of digital instruments and Cyber Space.
The Foundation considers it fundamental to tackle all topics and issues by collaborating and participating in any field of privacy as a collective interest of all Digital Individuals by contributing with all the following: Consumer Associations, C.I.C. Foundations, Associations, Bodies, Authorities, Public and Private Enterprises, individuals and people working in this area to devise common strategies of action, information, preparation, and privacy protection as the indispensable value of individual and collective public health. Privacy restoring.

– Memorandum abstract –

The arguments, aims and inteventions of the Foundation are:
1. Propose and promote each detected and identified incident/occurrence in law element, the individual arising from the technologies.
2. Work against abuse in the processing of personal data, biometric, reserved the individual in the digital environment.
3. Combat digital illiteracy, cyber bullying, data trafficking and all other kinds of abuse concerning the personal data of the individual in the digital enviroment.
4. Identify and determine new directives in relation to the digital space, ensuring equal dignity and protection to every individual in the digital environment.
5. Commit to disseminate the regulations in the United Kingdom (the host country and the host country’s laws) with regard to privacy (Data Protection).
6. Use the appropriate tools for the defence of the individuals abused with regard to their data both individually or collectively.
7. Reiterate and confirm the existing rights, ensuring and consolidating/proposing new guidelines for certain digital rights and specific technologies IT.
8. Commitment to a true and healthy right digital oblivion as inalienable human rights.
9. Fighting against all dominating and meddling position to the detriment of the freedom of individual in the digital environment.

The Foundation will make available to the social context new ideas and tools for the benefit of the community and all individuals in the digital environment by increasing the guarantees of privacy as:
– A new method of digital anthropic technological dimension.
– The promotion of self-digital natural person.
– Ensure maximum protection of digital natural person.
– More equalities of human rights in data processing in the digital domain.
– Combat digital illiteracy, promote computer-digital schooling.
– Reconquest of intimate instinctive state of conservation in the individual innate in technology.

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