Digital Right


Art. 1 – Digital Identity

Digital identity is made up of the set of any action, data, or element that can be related to personal identity of humankind. Digital identity is an identifying right that arises from the moment in which it manifests itself.

Digital identity is the set of data, metadata, biometric data, genetics, generality, IP, mobile number, or any other identifiable element that are unambiguous, dematerialized matrix components in the telematic environment and on the WEB which identify an individual as a digital user, which is the subject of corresponding and equalized subjective rights to the physical site and human rights, by analogy and similarity to art. 1 of Human Rights and art. 1 and 2 European Court of Human Rights.

Every digital individual has by definition and self-determination his own copyright and self-deed on the WEB, no one and no other entity or identity can deprive, restrict, manipulate, copy, detain, divulge or use it in any part or in its entirety.

Any entity that violates the digital identity of others, in a partial or complete manner, will be the author of a crime against human beings as a living physical being in relation to the comparative translation of the digital field by similarity and analogy with respect to human rights.

(erga omnes)

Art. 2 – we’d be releasing soon

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