“Per aspera sic itur ad astra”
“Through hardships to the stars”
– Cicero –

Thanks and tribute

We need all the possible support available. We are devoting our time, study, research and effort to offer all of us, our families, our children and future generations a safe digital environment which is more in line with the real human dimension.
We are convinced that our commitment will bring benefits to the whole community now and in the future.
We ask all those interested in this great undertaking who live, participate and fight every day for their dreams and their freedom in this great country, to support us with:

– donations and funds
– volunteers
– translators
– consultants
– advice and participation

Finally we’re started a fundraising campaign through crowdfunding and donations, please feel free to be part of Reconquest:


This is a not-for-profit Foundation. Reconquest will reinvest every donation in the mission for which it was established to: defend the rights of the individual in the digital realm. It is an autonomous organisation with the sole purpose of safeguarding privacy.

Any possible collaboration will be exclusively for the pre-established purpose of the protection of the community and individuals. Anyone can collaborate and participate in any form for the commitment of the Reconquest Foundation with the sole purpose predetermined by the Reconquest.

Your contribution will be used solely to develop the Foundation. There will be financial reporting on the Foundation’s website at the end of each fiscal year.

All current publications are Copyright pending the consideration and evaluation of suitable alternatives to ensure the most benefit to our collective purpose.

The Foundation dedicates to all those who are participating, collaborating and helping the development of the project a heartfelt THANK YOU.

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