Everything´s Under Control

Author Werner Boote
A film about surveillance, big data and privacy

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Theatrical premiere: Vienna 25 Dec. 2015
TV-premiere: Feb 8th 2017, Primetime  on ORF
90 minutes, 2015

“Everything´s Under Control” is an evocative film about the self-evidence of surveillance.

Facebook, Amazon and Google provide us with around the clock access to the convinient digital world! Surveillance cameras on the streets take care of our security. But who actually collects our fingerprints, iris scans, online shopping preferences, and social media posting? Don´t we care about our privacy anymore?

In his unique charming and curious way filmmaker Werner Boote travels around the world to explore the “brave new world” of total control.

USA, UK, China, India, Hongkong, Austria, Cuba
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Jacob AppelbaumEmma CarrSir David OmandSteve Wright, Bruce Schneier,
Mikko HypponenEric PanZygmunt BaumanHarper ReedBELO and many more
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TRAILER (german)
Teaser-Trailer (german)
part of the film: “Interview Jacob Appelbaum
part of the film: “Interview Bruce Schneier

The original language of the film is english.

You can find the film in three versions:

1. english language
2. german language (ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE)
3. english with german subtitles.

Please notice that there is more information on ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE (german)

Watch the films website ALLES UNTER KONTROLLE (german)

Film Crew: Andreas Hamza (sound), Michael Meisterhofer (line producer), Mario Cobretti (director of photography), Werner Boote, Isabel Wolte (location manager), Dominik Spritzendorfer (director of photography) and Mehmood Sam (location scout)