Digital Philosophy

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The last wild frontier

The new digital technocratic frontier is the conquest of the human being, the conquest of the individual’s essence and conscience to enslave it for the needs of pure technique, control and profit.

From the mercantilism and the predatory conquest, the digital environment has been created in order to manipulate the community and making the telematic space a sterile and hostile place where it is possible to do anything, to the detriment of human cognition and only to the advantage of monetary gain.

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A place in which it is allowed condition, recondition, manipulate, control and supervise the individual, where the mind is reprogrammed to be the energetic power of those who possess the instruments.

A good diagnosis is the beginning of good care

In the current context of the world wide web, what is the best place to reserve to the human civilization?

Ask yourself this question seems obvious and trivial, but it is the starting point to understand how the individuals are identified by the Web’s corporate technocracies.

From the simple classical thoughts “who are we?”
“Where are we going?” up to the elementary and fundamental question, when we ask to ourself “when we become digital users?”, in our digital surrogation of the real life we must ask to ourself “what are we?”.

“For digital algorithmic machines, individuals are numbers, data, tags, to be marketed for profit.”

The competent and skilled users during the use of these technologies, believe to be innovative, to be smart, but instead they are the victims, because they have fallen into the trap of speculative corporation’s commodification and in the market of human beings.

Individuals believe they use technology, but in reality they are used by technology to be stripped of any right to the only benefit of the profit of multinational companies that manipulate them.

In order to restore legality, ethics and the human condition in the social context called public health and welfare, we must begin a long journey, starting from the ancient and immortal ethical principles.

Restoring the concept of an individual, instead of a consumer

The next conquest will be to civilize philosophy, sociology, human history and law with the new digital frontier, making it a suitable and livable place for the community.