Correlation between environment and privacy

The inhibitors privacy’s process and training in how give up our human rights

Every environment in which the individual manifests itself is a place where he performs actions, activities, and lives his own experience.
The environment that surrounds the individual is a place of learning, as a place for interaction, understanding and socialization with other individuals. Every place has characteristics, specifications that can make the experience of the individual rewarding or even hostile where adverse circumstances can arise.
The hostile places have always been wild and desolate where the law does not exist or in any case is not applied. This description is in fact the current and corresponding condition of the WEB and social networks.
In addition to desolation, to sterility and the “legislative desert”  the only things that individuals can encounter are telematic mechanisms for behavioral training processes specifically induced by the technological corporate system of the current companies in the sector, which induces individuals to become victims of this deception, to adhere at unnatural, antisocial and self-destructive behaviors and beliefs, in a real immersion into a poison container.

WEB reform

From the assumed and certain principle of the strong influence that imprints the environment on the individual’s cognitive abilities, influencing people’s behavior, we can confirm that the current digital and telematic environment are to be reformed in a profound way to restore a healthy environment, making it healthy and adequate to the civil standards of human rights, for the public, social, collective and individual health of individuals.

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