Transparency-ycnerapsnarT Reversed

“Individuals are increasingly open source and “transparent” while I-Tech operators are increasingly closed source. They conceal their projects intent on the fullest corporate secrecy of their boards of directors.”

The imbalance

In the WEB surface the individual is always more transparent and therefore controllable, observable, analysable in every element and in every self manifestation, while, on the contrary, the companies that operate in the I-Tech industries and digital sector are more and more inclined to hide their business, using the excuse of corporate secrecy and the work of intellectual property.

In this way they are reversing the concept of transparency, deceiving the community, exploiting this dominant position to perpetrate countless crimes against individuals.

By deciphering and monitoring the community with the technology that mostly offer for free, large companies manage to manipulate every behaviour of victims, from commercial purchasing choices to political ones and emotional aspects.
They make any information impenetrable that in public interest should be in the public domain, encrypted.

In fact, to date, companies acquiring personal elements of billions of people like the most famous FaceBook and Google, both of whom have history and life, including the DNA of an unquantifiable number of individuals, but nobody knows what these companies are exactly, who they are, how they operate, and the real purposes for which they operate.

Reverse the mechanisms

The community should know:
Who are the hidden financiers, what are the decisions that interfere or violate the human rights on the boards of these companies, how many partners or affiliates are complicit in this “trade of human beings”; what are the characteristics of the software that interact with some of the aspects protected by rights such as health, privacy and civil and political rights, with which spy agencies collaborate, which are the software source of the programs, with which settings the algorithms release the artificial intelligences; how machine learning and neural networks are set up, how they use and administer these powerful (poisons) pervasive and intrusive psycho-inductive tools even in the experimental phase to the users, the victims.

It is necessary to re-establish the route and make the individual more and more intelligible, and companies in the digital sector more transparent.

In order to definitively solve this global problem, globally recognized rules and regulations are necessary, to impose standards to those operating in the WEB sector, must necessarily be subjected with a code of conduct both legal and moral compatible with human and civil rights, which excludes dominant positions, conflicts of interest, the placing on the market of intrusive instruments, transparency and guarantees on all distributed services and software.

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