Fake News “The problem in the problem”

The false news is a supply of poison from a toxic environment.

Most victims are users of social networks, virtual places in which they are hammered by direct and indirect advertising and as subliminal messages able to interfere with the victim’s unconscious.

Obviously these operations are controlled and manipulated by the algorithms.

To further destabilize the users, the same service companies provide a further supply of poison through fake news to permanently alter their perception of reality. With this dose of poison the platforms that offer (apparently for free) social and sharing services, manage to transport the users in a fully augmented and amplified virtual reality, directing them in prefixed and determined choices.

Being able to have total control of the victim, inducing the user to any desired behavior such influences are established in the emotional and behavioral sphere, triggering, when needed, even violent and aggressive behavior inhibiting any mental restraint.

The main problem with fake news is that are intentionally injected to determine specific behaviors such as increasing the time consumed on the social platform, increasing attention on a given subject, although irrelevant or even untrue (knowingly planned).

To eliminate the problem, it is essential not to use social networks, so do not suffer the false news, but looking for them actively from reliable and truthful sources that can provide the correct news.

The main responsibility is from the platform operator who should protect the subscribers, but it is evident (even from the last Cambridge Analytical scandals) that they are the manager who poison the “real” information with the fake news.

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