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“Contra Potentes Nemo est Munitus Satis”
No one is sufficiently defended against the powerful”

“The violation of privacy perpetrated against consumers in the digital telematic environment, implemented by the many services offered by operators, has serious implications in the sphere
of Human and Civil Rights of Individuals and in their Lives”

The Foundation’s activities are aimed at maximising the protection of the human rights of individuals as individuals and citizens, in the most classical conception of philanthropy, when they relate to digital technologies.

Still lacking in the new digital dimension of regulation to guarantee natural persons as subjects and digital users/customer, consumer/user and users/customer of services that must be protected under all forms of current rules under the law in wich operators provide services, wich in fact today abuse and circumvent the most basic standards in accordance with the spirit and principals they are based on upon human rights.

The Foundation has set as its goal, the maximum protection of both subjective and collective rights in relation to the privacy of individuals in the digital technology field.

“Leges ab omnibus intelligi debent”
“The laws must be understood by all”

Sources as pillars of the Thesis proposed by the Reconquest Foundation are the basis of the universally recognized human rights of which Europe and the United Kingdom are the founders.

An upgrading of current rules, integrating them with new definitions and forms of appropriate protection to current and future technological innovation, consolidates user/consumer rights by integrating current standards with regard to the protection of the privacy of man and citizen by applying a resemblance to the realities (and events of the real world) into digital space and applying the subjective rights of the individual as an digital individual.

Personal, biometric, genetic, confidential and sensitive data are inalienable parts of the physical person and not just identifying elements of a profiled user. They are also components belonging to a particular subject, who is the only owner in the digital dimension.

“Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing”
– George Orwell –

The overall reference book of all articles is the matrix of the right to protect the individual in all areas and spaces, including the new frontier of the electronic and digital dimension.

The Sources from which to draw the legislation are:

Respect for human rights in every Place, Space and Time must be included in the Surface Web, to ensure maximum protection for every individual.
It is imperative that all individuals have the right and awareness for a true emancipation and self-determination in the new technological dimension which must guarantee the identity and respect of the individual.

With reference to the Sources, the Foundation promotes a new generation of integrative rights to protect the community:

  1. Digital Identity Right.
  2. Individual and collective Rights.
  3. Right to the Protection of the Digital Individual in Every Aspect and Part.
  4. Privacy Protection and Anonymity Right.
  5. The Right to Not Be Controlled, Spotted, Traced, Located, Marked or Followed.
  6. The inviolability of Confidentiality and Privacy (Confidentiality as an Objective and subjective Right belonging to every individual in the digital dimension).
  7. Digital Security Right.
  8. Digital Wellbeing Right.
  9. Housing and Domicile Right.
  10. The Right of Every Digital Individual to not be included or forced in a Place (placed and held against individual will in a place or space in which he does not want and should not be present).
  11. The Right to be Forgotten.
  12. Right to have a Contract for any digital service.
  13. Right to Conserve Your Data, Generalities, and Items as Individual Entities.
  14. Right to Digital Will.
  15. Determination of Abuse and Illegal Leaders – Penalise Persecuted.   

We are still working on new articles and new definitions. We will publish soon, in a dedicated space, the first complete regulatory articles.
The website is constantly updated and improved to develop the digital right and every form of protection for the maximum guarantee of individuals and the community in the digital environment.

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